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Our school philosophy:


Our ethos is different to what you’ll encounter at many other schools in modern Britain. We don’t subscribe to the Nanny-State way of thinking that stipulates no child should ever feel that they are inferior to any of their peers or are not getting the same opportunities to succeed. We recognize that the sad reality of life is that some people are smarter than others and there’s no use being offended by it. We help our less able pupils achieve all that they can, but we also want to help the more able ones achieve all that they can, so we don’t force the more able students to share classes with the less able ones, we separate the two and design lessons aimed at meeting the educational requirements of both groups.

Partners and Sponsors

The school wishes to express its heartfelt thanks to all of our partners and sponsors who support the important work we do here and make it possible for us to continue making a difference in children’s lives. We thank the board of governors who preside over the school and help the teachers cope with the stress they experience from having to deal with the pupils, the parents, and each other. We thank the Friends of the School organisation, a committee made up of the parents of current pupils that meets every couple of weeks to talk about the issues that matter to our school. We thank Discovery, who sponsor our school sports teams and make it possible for us to transport students to other schools for sporting events. And we thank Aqua Cleanse, the company that gives us a discount on the cleaning of our school swimming pool.

School Trips

We believe that a child’s development requires them to get out into the world and explore, discover and grow. This is why we put a lot of effort into organizing school trips each year. In 2015, in the Spring we took the children to the National History Museum in London, which aroused an interest in the Tudor dynasty in many of our children. In the Summer, we went to the Blue Reef Aquarium in Hastings, where the children were delighted to behold all the deadly sharks and majestic swordfish. In the Autumn, we went to the Royal Observatory in Greenwich. In the Winter, we took them all to Hadrian’s Wall, but this trip did not go very well because once we got there we found that it was too cold to leave the coach and go walking around. If you are a parent and would like more information about our school trips, contact the school and ask to speak to Ms. Davenport, our director of extra-curricular activities.


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